True Free Range


Can this bird change the world?

Well, OK, maybe not JUST this bird. This gal is part of a community of birds that live on the Hibiscus Hill Plantation and are True-Free-Range.


Well, it means that, as you can see, they get to go wherever they please – within reason – and do the things that natural birds do. They are truly natural birds.

Read on and then imagine if every farmer that raised chickens in this country and world raised true-free-range. Wouldn’t that change the world at least a little? Probably more than that we say.


It matters because you want to be eating natural meats and eggs because that is what our bodies and minds need. The balance of natural vitamins, proteins and fats are what’s intended for us from our history as human beings and allow us to live and think the way nature intended.


The difference is in the chemistry. A true-free-range bird has much more natural Omega fatty acids both in the meat and eggs.


The industry generally goes by the FDA definitions of things like Free-Range and Natural.

We’ve said it before but it bears repeating: Free-Range, as defined by the government, is “Access to the outdoors” – which allows a few brave birds to step out of the giant industrial chicken warehouse into the sunlight and, well, usually on a concrete patch or dirt to sun themselves for a bit. Of course, the food is inside so those that have the gumption to exit usually quickly return.

“Natural” and “Fresh” chickens are allowed to be deep frozen. We don’t call that fresh, do you?

Next time you’re at your grocer, ask to visit the farm where the chickens are raised and see how they respond.  There are other farms out there doing a good job and we applaud that heartily – the more the better. Sadly, there aren’t nearly as many as there should be – for all of us.

We are happy for you to come out and give us a visit, schedule a tour with Rick, see if firsthand. Go on over to our Farm page for details here.