Georgia’s Market Downtown

Welcome to Georgia’s Market Downtown

Please note: Georgia’s Market Downtown is closing this Tuesday, September 30!

Thank you all for your past patronage and healthy intentions. Please stay tuned to further development at the Downtown location.

You will find all of the values, quality food and vitamins that you have come to expect from Georgia’s right here on Main street. Plus some extra features that are great for a dynamic environment like Houston.

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Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner Bar

Get your healthy and super-delicious meals fast with our friendly chefs preparing the best for you right on the spot. Grab some baked goods, coffee or tea and juice then jet to the office. Or, hang out with us in our bright and sunny dining room.

Produce, Vitamins and Groceries

Yep, we have a hand-picked selection of items to grab on your way home.
Grass-fed beef, True-Free-Range chickens, Organic peppers, bulk items. Just what you need for dinner.

The Cellar

Want to unwind and have a great conversation after work? Maybe a quick meeting over drinks.
That’s what the Cellar is for, a full wine and beer bar with some great local and national microbrews on tap. A cozy atmosphere will help you unwind and let you be yourself. Share a good joke with our bartenders, they are there to share the wealth of good company and good will.

Downtown events room

Yes, you can have your event in our intimate wood-enclosed event room. We will organize all the details for you and provide food or beverage to your tastes. We consistently get high praise for our service and the way the atmosphere encourages ideas and good feeling.

Send us a note here if you’re interested the Event Room schedule and pricing:

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